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The post Affordable Care Act (ACA) Reporting Year-end Guidance appeared first on MyHRConcierge.

As we approach year’s end, employers must be diligent in ensuring compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting requirements. The ACA demands meticulous record-keeping and reporting, leaving no room for error. Failure to do so can lead to significant penalties and fines: The following are tasks designed to help you navigate the regulatory landscape […]

The post IRS Halts New Employee Retention Credit Claims to Counter Fraud appeared first on MyHRConcierge.

On September 14, 2023, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced an immediate suspension on the processing of new Employee Retention Credit (ERC) claims until December 31, 2023. This move comes as a response to a significant rise in fraudulent and suspicious claims. The moratorium aims to introduce stronger protective measures against program exploitation and safeguard […]

The post IRS Sets 2024 ACA Affordability Guidelines appeared first on MyHRConcierge.

As 2024 open enrollment approaches, employers need to note a crucial update in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) affordability guidelines, as outlined in the recently published IRS Revenue Procedure 2023-29. The ACA affordability threshold is being reduced to 8.39% for 2024, down from 9.12% in 2023. This adjustment means the maximum premium Applicable Large Employers […]

The post MyHRConcierge Announces the Integration of COBRACompli with Employee Navigator for Seamless COBRA Administration appeared first on MyHRConcierge.

MyHRConcierge is excited to announce the integration of COBRACompli, our hallmark COBRA administration service, with Employee Navigator. This strategic integration is aimed at providing enhanced efficiency and seamless operations to our clients and brokers. Eliminating Double Entries, Doubling Efficiency One of the most time-consuming challenges faced by HR teams and brokers is the need for […]

The post California Fair Chance Act: Updates Employers Need to Know appeared first on MyHRConcierge.

For years, California employers have been adhering to the State of California Civil Rights Department’s Fair Chance Act, which governs how and when they can use a job applicant’s criminal history in the employment process. Recently, significant amendments have been made to the regulations, with the Office of Administrative Law sanctioning the modifications proposed by […]

The post Juvo Jobs and MyHRConcierge Forge Strategic Partnership to Connect Workers with Local Businesses appeared first on MyHRConcierge.

ATLANTA, G.A. (August 28, 2023)- Juvo Jobs, an app connecting hundreds of thousands of job seekers with hyper local jobs and businesses all over the country, is proud to announce their newest partnership with MyHRConcierge, a human resources provider dedicated to putting the ‘humanity’ back into HR. This strategic partnership enhances both MyHRConcierge clients’ and […]

The post Proposed Overtime Changes: Impacts and Insights appeared first on MyHRConcierge.

On August 30, 2023, the Department of Labor (DOL) proposed changes to Salary Level Test to expand the number of employees eligible for overtime. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) mandates employees working beyond a 40-hour week are entitled to overtime pay of at least 1.5 times their standard rate. The Act, however, includes a […]

The post Supplementing Internal HR: Key to Human Resources Compliance appeared first on MyHRConcierge.

In the realm of business operations, the domain of Human Resources (HR) holds a pivotal role. For many businesses, there’s a tendency to manage HR tasks internally, believing that it offers more control, reduced costs, and a personalized touch. While these intentions are commendable, the truth is that the intricate landscape of human resources compliance […]

The post New NLRB Standard For Handbooks Created By Stericycle Ruling appeared first on MyHRConcierge.

The recent landmark ruling by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) on August 2, 2023 in the Stericycle case sets a new standard for employers’ handbooks and policies, requiring many to be reviewed and potentially revised. This momentous decision will impact countless workplace rules and applies to the vast majority of private-sector employers in America, […]

The post Addressing Political Discussions in the Workplace appeared first on MyHRConcierge.

The political landscape is ever-changing, and with the rise in political volatility, the workplace has become a battleground for conflicting ideologies. The recent years have witnessed a surge in political debates, controversies, and polarization in workplaces. It is important employers have the appropriate policies in place to address when political discussions in the workplace begin […]

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